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How Can You Prevent Hearing Loss?

The good news is that noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is 100 percent preventable.  read more

About Sound Barriers Inc.

When sound becomes excessive or intrusive, we call it “noise”. Often underestimated, too much noise can lead to irritability, inability to concentrate, loss of productivity, and even hearing loss.

Hearing loss may occur at 85 decibels, sometimes even as low as 75 dB if noise exposure is long enough. A noisy restaurant is about 80 dB; a lawn mower is about 90 dB. A noise level of 140 dB will cause pain in the ear. Even very short exposure to extremely loud noise can cause permanent and irreparable hearing loss.

Sound Barriers Inc. manufactures custom-designed metal acoustic enclosures, sound booths, noise absorption panels, noise reduction louvers, and spring rail vibration isolation systems, for applications such as punch presses, factory enclosures, test rooms, barrier walls, web press enclosures, audio metric rooms, HVAC and many more.

Our on-site acoustic engineering and manufacturing team enables us to design and build almost any type of sound solution required to block and absorb your unwanted noise.

Be it renovation or new construction, we can engineer an effective noise control solution for acoustic problems such as: noisy industrial and manufacturing equipment, HVAC vibration, excessive acoustic reverberation in gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, auditoriums, and noise and vibration transmission problems such as common wall construction and floor to ceiling design.

At Sound Barriers Inc., we know noise and vibration control. Our experienced team of acoustic engineers and consultants are standing by to offer your Sound Solution today!

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soundproofing noise control noise control products sound proofing solutions

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